7 players who could be playing their final games with the Atlanta Falcons

With just seven games remaining, here are seven Atlanta Falcons who could be playing in their final games with the team
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
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6. Mike Hughes, CB

I still don't understand what the Atlanta Falcons were thinking when they signed Mike Hughes.

Hughes has never been that great on defense. He clearly hasn't been playable as a nickel corner this year and that was even apparent during the preseason. Dee Alford has really taken over the position and there is no reason to not continue with him.

The Falcons also signed him to be a punt returner but again, he has never been good as a returner and we have all seen that firsthand this year.

He has been dreadful in all aspects and similar to Heinicke, he has an easy way out of his two-year deal after this season.