7 players who could be playing their final games with the Atlanta Falcons

With just seven games remaining, here are seven Atlanta Falcons who could be playing in their final games with the team
Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
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7. Jeff Okudah, CB

Out of all of these players, Jeff Okudah is the most likely to return next year. After trading a fifth-round pick for him, the Falcons have seen him play extremely well opposite A.J. Terrell. The former fourth-overall pick has finally shown his talent in the NFL.

The only thing that gives me pause is that the Falcons have to re-sign A.J. Terrell by next season. While Terrell is on a fifth-year option, you don't want him playing under that because then all bets are off the table in 2025. It is time to secure him for the long haul.

Would Fontenot be willing to pay his top two CBs? I would say 'probably' but that would still require a lot of money for just two players.

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