7 Quarterbacks who unquestionably rank ahead of Kirk Cousins in 2024

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Where Kirk Cousins stands in NFL quarterback rankings often entirely depends upon how much stock you put in QB wins. The numbers over the last three seasons consistently have Kirk Cousins in the top-ten conversation at his position. Cousins is in the first year of his contract with the Atlanta Falcons leading to the obvious question for Atlanta fans, where does the QB rank in today's league?

The answer is a bit subjective but there is a clear ceiling with seven players inarguably ahead of Atlanta's starting quarterbacks. The rankings begin with one fact any reasonable fan won't find fault with.

1. Patrick Mahomes

What else is there to say about the best player in the league? Patrick Mahomes has started to mount a serious conversation about whether or not he can catch Tom Brady. The unquestioned GOAT who was believed to be untouchable just two seasons ago. In that time Mahomes has added two rings and done that without having a great receiver or an elite running game.

Leaning on the defense and always finding a way to create Mahomes magic as it is needed any ranking that doesn't have the quarterback in the 1st spot is being dishonest. There has been no regression and there is zero reason to think this team isn't the biggest threat yet again with the best player in the league.