7 Quarterbacks who unquestionably rank ahead of Kirk Cousins in 2024

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2. Josh Allen

This is where the rankings begin to have a bit of an argument for who belongs in what spot. Josh Allen is a freak of nature who has elevated a historically sad franchise into consistent relevance. What is this team without their star quarterback? Yes, you would like to see more playoff wins but quarterback wins shouldn't be the determining factor when rankings starting options.

There isn't anyone in the league who has the ability to run over a linebacker on one play and throw a 70-yard bomb on the next. When Allen is healthy and playing his best football he is the best quarterback in the league. The problem, however, is that these moments are separated by turnover-filled games and Allen taking unneeded punishment.

After losing Diggs and a myriad of talent this offseason expect the offense to take the cuff off Allen a bit and allow the quarterback to play using his legs to keep the Bills alive in games. Josh Allen's career has thus far been defined by playoff losses and an inability to beat Mahomes. Lost in this discussion is just how great Allen's best ball has been and what a special talent the Bills have.