7 Quarterbacks who unquestionably rank ahead of Kirk Cousins in 2024

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3. Joe Burrow

If we could take out September and frustrating injuries Joe Burrow would have a great argument as the second-best quarterback in the league. Burrow's starts to the season are as confusing as anything in league history. Yes, there are injuries and a lack of reps to blame but a top-three starter playing like the worst quarterback in the league for the first few weeks of the season is still confounding.

The numbers are still impressive overall and you have great postseason play. Burrow is the only player outside of Tom Brady to prove he can beat Patrick Mahomes more than once and make plays in the clutch. Burrow's calmness and ability to consistently find a way to make THE play are all a part of his growing reputation in the league.

With all of that said, Burrow must find a way to stay healthy and put up big numbers in the 2024 season. Another injury-shortened season cannot be explained away despite the punishment the quarterback has taken in his career. The league needs Joe Burrow to stay healthy and continue to prove he is one of the best three quarterbacks in this league.