7 Quarterbacks who unquestionably rank ahead of Kirk Cousins in 2024

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4. Lamar Jackson

This is where it is important to differentiate quarterback wins from playoff performance. Lamar Jackson doesn't need to win games in the postseason to solidify his spot inside the top five in this league. However, he does need to play far better than the version of Jackson we last saw against the Chiefs.

True greatness finds a way to make plays in the biggest moments and keep their team in the games. In the regular season there isn't any question that Jackson is one of the best and would have an argument as the second best quarterback behind Patrick Mahomes.

We aren't only looking at the regular season but how you perform with your team's life on the line. Lamar's postseason history is ugly and perhaps speaks to a player that expends too much energy on getting them there. Teams seem to have an easy time shutting down the Baltimore offense come January and that has to change for the conversation to shift Jackson up further in these conversations.

With that said, there has never been a player in league history with Jackson's unique skill set that helped to redefine what a front office is looking for at the position.