7 Quarterbacks who unquestionably rank ahead of Kirk Cousins in 2024

Kansas City Chiefs OTA Offseason Workouts
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6. Dak Prescott

Yes, you have the postseason issues and the fact that Prescott has had great support throughout his career. However, from day one in this league, Prescott goes out and makes the needed throws and gives his team a chance to win. The receivers, coaching staff, and offensive systems have all changed and Prescott remains the constant.

If you give teams a choice between Kirk Cousins and Dak Prescott with equal salaries how many are going to choose Cousins? This isn't to say that the gap between the two isn't close but it is clear to any objective viewer that Prescott is ahead.

The problem with Dak and the Cowboys' offense has been they are a bit of a front-running team. When they are rolling they are completely unstoppable an offensive force that must be respected. However, when they come up against resistance and things are clicking on offense it seems that it turns ugly quickly. The next step in the evolution of Dak Prescott is proving he can win in big spots when things aren't going perfectly.

This is what sets apart Allen, Mahomes, Burrow, and Jackson they are the system themselves and can will their teams back into games. Can Dak find a way to show up in the postseason and find a way to make plays when things aren't rolling?