7 Quarterbacks who unquestionably rank ahead of Kirk Cousins in 2024

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This brings us to the first spot in the rankings that Kirk Cousins has a clear shot at claiming. Looking at his level of play pre-injury last season it is easy to make the argument he belongs in 8th well inside the top ten.

Just as it is fair to make the arguments for Aaron Rodgers, Tua Tagovailoa, or Jared Goff. You have young quarterbacks in Jordan Love, C.J. Stroud, and Jalen Hurts with their own unique cases as well. For Love and Stroud, it simply comes down to the fact that neither has played at a high enough level for a long enough period of time.

Kirk Cousins was putting up MVP level numbers before his injury last season while Rodgers suffered the same injury actually won an MVP not that long ago. However, after winning back-to-back MVPs Rodgers has been very underwhelming.

It is easy to make the case for Tua and Goff but both players struggled before falling into perfect systems and having great weapons put around them. Jalen Hurts is a year removed from one of the most impressive Super Bowl runs in recent history. However, this was followed up by a very underwhelming 2023 season. After the top five quarterbacks, it truly becomes an interesting debate that all depends on perspective and often your rooting interest.