8 bold 2024 offseason predictions for the Atlanta Falcons

Bold predictions for the Atlanta Falcons 2024 offseason

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As other teams prepare for their playoff games the Atlanta Falcons, once again, will be preparing for free agency and the draft. And—special for this year—a new head coach.

There are a lot of decisions to be made and it certainly helps that the Falcons decided to retain their general manager, Terry Fontenot. It allows there to be a more seamless transition when trying to construct he 2024 Falcons team.

These past few offseasons in the NFL have been crazy and the Falcons have certainly contributed to it. This offseason, the chaos should continue and the Falcons could add to it if they follow these bold predictions.

1. Falcons hire Bill Belichick or Jim Harbaugh

The Atlanta Falcons, in all likelihood, will hire Bill Belichick. Belichick is widely considered the best coach of all time and the fact that the Falcons have a strong chance to land him is mind-boggling.

Jim Harbaugh was also interviewed and many fans would prefer him. No matter your opinion, you cannot deny that owner Arthur Blank is putting all the chips in the middle of the table.