8 Depth receivers the Falcons could still sign in free agency

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3. Hunter Renfrow

Zac Robinson, Terry Fontenot, and Raheem Morris have had one clear goal at receiver this offseason. Bringing in route runners with the ability to use their speed to create big plays. Renfrow fits into this category even if he doesn't have elite speed. Renfrow would be a low-risk addition coming off of a rough season with the Raiders.

4. Michael Thomas

It seems it is always the Saints taking former Falcons maybe it is time to flip the script a bit. Thomas brings some needed size to this lineup and adds an elite ability to run the same route over and over again. Jokes aside, Thomas would be an interesting addition, and bringing in a hated rival to help elevate the offense would be a fun twist. It isn't the clearest fit and would bring obvious injury concerns. However, if Thomas would sign a cheap veteran deal why not take the risk?

5. Michael Gallup

Dallas is a pressure cooker of a franchise that elevates and tears down their players on what seems a daily basis. Gallup was a surprise for the franchise before suffering an injury that derailed his career. Allow him to come into Atlanta on a one-year prove-it deal and see if there is anything left in the tank.