8 Falcons entering 2024 in precarious situations

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3. Mike Hughes

How is Mike Hughes still on this roster? The corner struggled in coverage and was a complete mess as a returner. Why the Falcons want to run it back with their current secondary and pass rush is beyond puzzling.

That decision affords the veteran an oppurtunity to turn his career around and win a starting role. If Dee Alford and Clark Phillips outshine him in camp Atlanta could opt to go with cheaper depth and move away from the veteran.

4. Richie Grant

Richie Grant's benching and struggles for Atlanta have been well covered. Grant is another player who could have been pointed to as a potentially easy roster cut. Atlanta keeping the young safety on the roster has been surprising.

Perhaps the team prefers to keep the depth Grant provides and use the safety on special teams. It seems that there are cheaper players Atlanta could add to fill a similar role with a higher upside. Grant isn't a complete bust considering his contributions, but the pick hasn't lived up to expectations.

The Falcons opting to move on before week one wouldn't be at all surprising. Grant is an easy cut if the Falcons have an unexpected standout in the secondary.