8 First-round selections that would have been better fits than Michael Penix Jr.

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1. Dallas Turner

Yes, Dallas Turner remained on the board until the 17th pick but he was no more a reach than Michael Penix Jr. was. For the Falcons, if you draft Turner you add a day-one starter that has the ability to fix your weakest position.

Kirk Cousins is expected to start for at least two seasons leaving Penix as a very expensive bench option. The Falcons have time to look at the quarterback position long term and find another answer. Draft picks can always be traded for or quarterbacks will go overlooked. Atlanta, however, opted to ignore the biggest position of need and a player that has a chance to contribute 9-10 sacks in year one.

2. Jared Verse

A few picks later Verse comes off the board. Jared Verse wasn't the best fit for Atlanta at the position but at least he would have had a chance to contribute in year one. Verse has the biggest bust potential of any of the three top-edge rushers in this draft. Despite this, the pick still would have made far more sense for the Falcons. Trading down or reaching for a player who is going to see the field in the next two years makes far more sense if you're trying to win now.