8 First-round selections that would have been better fits than Michael Penix Jr.

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7. Rome Odunze

Another weapon that would have been great to add for an aging Kirk Cousins. You are soon going to have to choose whether to pay Kyle Pitts, Drake London, or both. Adding Rome gives you a third option that could allow you to have three great weapons on rookie contracts.

Darnell Mooney would be your fourth option in the passing attack. That is how deep Odunze would have made this team. Yes, drafting a skill position for the fourth straight season would have caught heat but far less than drafting Penix did.

8. Quinyon Mitchell

Atlanta could have easily traded down and had the chance to pair Mitchell with A.J. Terrell. It would have made the second weakest position far more exciting and gives you a chance to find a long term answer. As of now, Atlanta is left hoping that Mike Hughes and Dee Alford take unexpected leaps in production.

Mitchell again is a reach if the Falcons don't trade down, however, you drafted a player 8th overall expected to sit for at least two years. This means even a draft reach like Mitchell would have had a more instant impact on winning.