8 perfect head coach-quarterback pairings for the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons will have to fill two important vacancies this offseason and here are eight perfect pairings

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2. Colorado QB Shedeur Sanders & Colorado HC Deion Sanders

Okay, I promise I am done with the obvious ties.

If any team is going to hire Colorado head coach Deion Sanders, it is the Falcons. And, quite honestly, it isn't that bad of an idea. A head coach is brought in to coach his players and command the locker room. While Colorado's season dropped off a cliff, you cannot deny the love that his players have for him.

As for the quarterback, it has already been made clear that Shedeur Sanders is sticking around for another year at Colorado. However, one would have to assume that would change if Deion took an NFL job.

Would it be the most traditional route to turning an organization around? No, but it sure would be fun.