8 players who robbed the Atlanta Falcons blind in 2023

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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3. Mack Hollins

Does anyone remember any great Mack Hollins moments in the 2024 season? Yelling on the sideline seems to be the most memorable moment of his Atlanta tenure. That or walking into a game in the rain without any shoes to be seen. Hollins is an odd player and was put in a bad position. You brought in a depth receiver and asked him to be a starter.

In this offense that means you must truly be a star at the receiver position to create many plays. Hollins was a willing blocker and played the role to the best of his ability. However, Atlanta overspent on a receiver that they should move on from and look for options capable of making plays. Hollins is a great player to have as the 5th or 6th guy on your roster. Blame Arthur Smith or Terry Fontenot but this was a failure from the start for a guy that didn't live up to unfair expectations.

4. Lorenzo Carter

Terry Fontenot has managed the cap well and missed on very few free-agent deals. With that said, it seems obvious that bringing back Carter was a mistake for this team. Lorenzo is a strong run defender and a great effort player but cannot find a way to get to the quarterback. Atlanta needs an elite pass rusher and cutting Lorenzo might be the path they take to opening up a starting spot.