8 players who robbed the Atlanta Falcons blind in 2023

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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5. Richie Grant

Grant really wasn't an expensive piece but what he ended up making to be outplayed and benched by a rookie was far too much. Grant needs to be moved on from this offseason. He isn't a starter on this team and makes far too many mistakes in the open field. Playing opposite Jessie Bates it became glaring just how much of a drop-off there was between the two safeties.

Hellams was impressive in limited action and could prove himself to be the answer for Atlanta. Look for the team to move on from Grant and bring in a veteran to compete with Hellams for the role throughout camp and the preseason.

6. Cordarrelle Patterson

You can't help but love Patterson and the effort and energy that he brings to this roster. This one is completely on Arthur Smith, but Patterson was a waste of cap space through no fault of his own. Why didn't Atlanta have him on the field far more often? You can't sit with a straight face and say having Mack Hollins, Van Jefferson, Keith Smith, or Scotty Miller out there was an upgrade. If you don't have room at back put Patterson out as a receiver. Cordarrelle deserved better considering his first two seasons in Atlanta. It was a waste of a year for the veteran and a waste of cap space for the Falcons.