8 Veteran receivers the Atlanta Falcons could sign after the draft

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5. Andre Roberts

Roberts value is in his ability on special teams but would still be a solid depth option at receiver. Considering that Frank Darby is currently the 4th or 5th option depending on how high you are on Jared Bernhardt speaks to the lack of options Atlanta still has at the position.

Signing Roberts as the 5th or 6th receiver and a depth piece for special teams would be a decent move though not one that is going to help Desmond Ridder as much as other options.

6. Sammy Watkins

The obvious potential issues with this move are Watkins's frame and the injury struggles that have followed the veteran over the past seasons. However, looking at the veteran's career you can rely on Watkins as a 3rd option to give you 400-600 yards of production and be a reliable third-down player.

Something the Falcons clearly lack. Signing Watkins would give Atlanta a solid 3rd or 4th option with a draft pick and Mack Hollins competing for the second role behind Kyle Pitts.

7. Byron Pringle

The Chicago offense is not a great place to be as a receiver right now. Justin Fields is talented but clearly has preferred targets and isn't putting up passing numbers that match the rest of the league. Pringle put up over 500 receiving yards his last season in Kansas City before failing to make the expected impact in Chicago. Another potential low-risk/high-reward move for Fontenot that is a former Chicago Bear.