8 worst free-agent signings under Atlanta Falcons GM Terry Fontenot

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3. Josh Rosen and A.J. McCarron

These moves have the benefit of being judged with the knowledge that it was Matt Ryan's final year in Atlanta. In reality, it is hard to fault Fontenot or Smith for giving little care about a position that was never going to see the field. Matt Ryan was an iron man rarely missing a game and willingly taking years of poor offensive lines and little running game.

However, now knowing this was Ryan's final season what a waste these moves were. Atlanta could have drafted a rookie quarterback and have him sitting behind Ryan for a full season. Failing to prepare for life after Matt Ryan cost both Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith.

Rosen was a desperation move after A.J. was injured and the team knew they were in trouble if Ryan went down with injury. This was a lost season when the Falcons could have either moved off Ryan a year sooner and been in a position to draft a quarterback or more realistically put a rookie behind Atlanta's franchise quarterback to learn. It was two wasteful moves when the Falcons could have drafted or acquired a young quarterback.