8 worst free-agent signings under Atlanta Falcons GM Terry Fontenot

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5. Casey Hayward

Even the misses for Terry Fontenot are easy to see the reasoning behind as was the case here for Casey Hayward. Atlanta needed a veteran to put opposite A.J. Terrell and Casey Hayward was within Atlanta's price range with an impressive resume.

Casey Hayward couldn't stay healthy and it was clear that age had caught up with the veteran. Still, there were solid moments during his lone season with the Falcons but it was still clear that this was a free-agency miss and the Falcons still needed to find another answer to pair with A.J. Terrell.

6. Mike Hughes

A year later and Terry Fontenot missed at the same position with a player with a less impressive history. What was Hughes doing on the field for the Falcons so often in the 2023 season? He was a mess as a punt returner and often looked lost in coverage.

It would be surprising to see Hughes return again for the Falcons considering how the 2023 played out. Hughes was outplayed by rookie Clark Phillips and young corner Dee Alford. Atlanta would be far better off playing either player in 2024 and moving on from the veteran. It was one of the very rare clear misses for Fontenot.