8 worst free-agent signings under Atlanta Falcons GM Terry Fontenot

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7. Kaleb McGary

Terry Fontenot was backed into a corner on this move and there simply was no right answer for the GM. Kaleb McGary was a clear draft miss and not going to be in Atlanta's long-term plans before the 2022 season.

Kaleb was a different player often being a capable pass protector for Marcus Mariota and looking great in the rushing attack. McGary was paid based on a career year and that came back to haunt the Falcons in the 2023 season. Backup Storm Norton was arguably a far better pass protector and McGary regressed.

8. Mack Hollins

We will learn this offseason whether it was Arthur Smith or Terry Fontenot to blame for the continual lack of receiver depth. A year after Bryan Edwards was supposed to be the answer Mack Hollins was signed. Another former Raider who failed with Atlanta and clearly never found his role.

With Desmond Ridder as his quarterback, some of the fault is taken away, however, Hollins was still a clear bust. His best moments with the Falcons are yelling on the sideline or providing fans entertainment with his aversion to footwear and utensils. Let's hope Atlanta's approach at the position changes moving forward.