80 Days till kickoff: Best player to wear #'s 80-89 for the Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons
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The NFL regular season is inching ever so closer. Today marks 77 days until the regular season kickoff between the Lions and Chiefs, but more importantly, we are sitting at exactly 80 days until the Atlanta Falcons run out of the tunnel to defend their home turf in an NFC South matchup against the Panthers.

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At the 90-day mark, a series was started where we were naming the best Falcons player to wear each jersey number in the 90s, so here is the continuation of that with the following ten numbers.

The best players to wear each number in the 80s with 80 days until kickoff for the Atlanta Falcons

As previously mentioned, this edition will cover the best player to wear each number in the 80s during the Atlanta Falcons' history. These numbers have traditionally been worn by wide receivers and tight ends and, for what it is worth, were recently opened to running backs as well. The Falcons have had a solid history of players who have worn these ten numbers.

#89: Wallace Francis, WR (1975-1981)

89 is not the most famous number in the Atlanta Falcons' history. There have not been any standout players to wear the number and so Wallace Francis earns the recognition of the best number 89 in Falcons history. He caught 244 passes for 3,695 yards and 27 touchdowns during his seven seasons with the Falcons.

#88: Tony Gonzalez, TE (2009-2013)

You may have heard of Tony Gonzalez before... He is only the greatest tight end of all time and one of the most consistent and durable players the sport of football has ever seen. His stats are just astounding and even though he played with the Falcons towards the end of his career, he is still one of the greatest Falcons ever.

#87: Claude Humphrey, DE (1968-1978)

Claude Humphrey was so good that the NFL allowed him to break the rules at wear number 87 (not really (to the breaking of the rules part)). Humphrey is arguably the best defensive lineman the Falcons have ever had. He consistently dominated during a time when teams weren't passing the ball nearly as much as they are now. They didn't officially track sacks back then but Pro Football Reference unofficially says he had 99.5 sacks as a Falcon.

#86: Jim Mitchell, TE (1969-1979)

I know, Brian Finneran was a great player but I give Jim Mitchell the nod because his stats are better. He played 155 games, caught 305 passes for 4,358 yards and 28 touchdowns.

#85: Alfred Jackson, WR (1978-1984)

Alfred Jackson was a small (5'11", 176lbs) yet productive wide receiver for his time as he caught 187 passes for 3,001 yards and 21 touchdowns during his seven-year NFL career—all with the Falcons.

#84: Roddy White, WR (2005-2015)

You know the name, Roddy White is one of the greatest wide receivers and players in the history of the Atlanta Falcons. He played 11 seasons for them and if not for Julio Jones, he would be the franchise leader in many stats. All told he had 808 catches for 10,863 yards and 63 touchdowns. He is one of the most underrated players in NFL history—just ask Richard Sherman.

#83: Alge Crumpler, TE (2001-2007)

This is another name that you likely know. Alge Crumpler was one of the best tight ends of the early 2000s. Crumpler and Michael Vick had a great connection. He made four-straight Pro Bowls from 2003-2006 and, overall, caught 316 passes for 4,212 yards and 35 touchdowns.

Harry Douglas also deserves a shoutout here.

#82: Ken Burrow, WR (1971-1975)

For number 82, it was either Ken Burrow or Stacey Bailey. I went with Burrow because he had more consistent stats, although his career was shorter. He also caught more touchdowns than Bailey.

#81: Terance Mathis, WR (1994-2001)

The Atlanta Falcons have had a solid history of wide receivers which is obvious by Roddy White, Terance Mathis, and the next player. Mathis had a handful of 1,000 yards seasons as well as a couple of 11-touchdown seasons. He also helped the team reach their first Super Bowl with his playmaking ability.

#80: Andre Rison, WR (1990-1994)

Andre 'Bad Moon' Rison was a bad man. He simply made plays as he broke 1,000 yards in four of his five seasons with the Falcons. He caught 56 touchdowns in his five seasons with the Falcons, including 15 touchdowns in 1993 and 12 touchdowns in 1991 which rank first and third on the franchise leaderboard.

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