9 Affordable free agents Atlanta Falcons could still sign

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
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1. Carson Wentz

Yes, the Atlanta Falcons have their starting quarterback in Kirk Cousins and should consider drafting someone to sit behind him. However, with the new quarterback roster rule, the Falcons can carry three quarterbacks with only two being active on game day. This leaves an obvious spot for a veteran the team can turn to if Cousins were to deal with an injury.

Atlanta's best path at the position is releasing Taylor Heinicke, signing Carson Wentz, and drafting a project quarterback to learn behind the two veterans. Wentz has plenty of experience as a starter and could likely keep the team afloat if Cousins was out at any time.

Wentz has an extremely high ceiling as a starter but plays hero ball too often resulting in sacks or turnovers that could have been avoided. This is the only reason that Carson isn't still starting in this league. There is an argument even now that he is a better option than the bottom tier of quarterbacks. While his career hasn't gone as expected he is still a valuable piece in the right situation and that could be in Atlanta. While it seems Heinicke is staying for now the Falcons should explore an upgrade.