9 Affordable free agents Atlanta Falcons could still sign

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2. Julio Jones

Julio Jones returning to Atlanta would fit this team's offseason. You have brought in a myriad of speed options and fixed the depth issues you have had at receiver for three years. Now finish the job and go out and get a veteran who can provide guidance and a little bit of production.

Julio's value is in his leadership and no longer in the numbers he puts up. Julio served as a depth piece for Tom Brady and Jalen Hurts unable to make a consistent impact with either quarterback. While this isn't going to change with Kirk Cousins, perhaps a return to Atlanta will breathe a bit of life back into his career.

Finishing his career in the city that made him a star would be a fitting ending for a player that means a lot to the franchise. There is also the obvious fit of Julio helping guide the next generation of Atlanta playmakers as they transition back into contention.

Raheem Morris does have a connection with Julio and the fit does make sense at this point for both sides.

3. Scotty Miller

Allow Miller to return to Atlanta as the 4th or 5th option and another speedy weapon that Cousins can utilize. Miller was a letdown the first time around but perhaps in a lesser role still has a place on the roster.