9 Affordable free agents Atlanta Falcons could still sign

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams v Detroit Lions
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4. Michael Thomas

This may not be a popular suggestion as Michael Thomas has spent his entire career being a hated rival. Thomas wasn't an elite route runner but had a connection with Drew Brees who force fed the veteran on slants and short routes that allowed Thomas to create after the catch.

Atlanta has a chance to bring in a veteran on a cheap deal and give him a chance to compete to be the 3rd receiver. Offering Thomas the chance to hurt the team that moved on from him should be enticing for both sides. While Thomas is never going to be a fan-favorite bringing in a former Saint and giving him a chance to hurt his old team is acceptable.

5. Calais Campbell

Bring back the veteran pass rusher for one more season to help guide this defense. Atlanta now has what is believed to be a very capable offense. If his lone season in Atlanta didn't break the veteran the Falcons should do everything within reason to bring him back. His impact and ability go beyond the intangibles that the veteran brings.