9 Receivers that could still help the Atlanta Falcons and Kirk Cousins

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Despite a myriad of moves at the position, the Atlanta Falcons are one injury away from having Rondale Moore as their second receiver. Yes, having Bijan Robinson and Kyle Pitts helps but the team still needs to find additional depth. With Zac Robinson's system the team is often going to have three receivers on the field, Atlanta needs to improve their depth and add veterans to compete for roles.

If the Falcons add to the position in the draft any further moves in free agency are unlikely. However, there are plenty of names the Falcons should be considering. This comes with the understanding that any of these players would be signed to one-year prove-it deals that the team can easily move on from at the end of the preseason if a better option presents itself.

1. Julio Jones

This is a suggestion that has already been made and continues to make a lot of sense for both sides. Julio's career appears to be either at the end or very close to it. Coming back home to Atlanta for a farewell tour and to help the next generation of receivers would be great for both sides. Jones would be the 4th or 5th option on this team when healthy.