9 Receivers that could still help the Atlanta Falcons and Kirk Cousins

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2. Russell Gage

Another familiar face that left Atlanta and has struggled to live up to expectations. The biggest problem for Gage has been staying healthy. While he thrived in Atlanta in a larger role could the Falcons have a reunion offering Gage a place on the depth chart?

Gage spent two years with Tampa and failed to make the expected impact for Tom Brady or Baker Mayfield. Signing Gage at this point in his career as a depth piece could prove to be a bargain move.

3. Allen Robinson

It feels as if Robinson has been in the league far longer than the reality making his debut in 2014. Since that time Robinson has managed 7,028 receiving yards and 43 touchdowns. His numbers with the Steelers were beyond underwhelming but it was clear just how terrible that offense was. Robinson was put in a bad position and still can be a valuable depth receiver.

His days of putting up 1,000 yards and being a starter are behind him but there is still ability in the right situation. Robinson would fit well within Atlanta's current depth options. Giving Atlanta some size at a position that was built primarily around speed.