9 Receivers that could still help the Atlanta Falcons and Kirk Cousins

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4. Sterling Shepard

From 2016-2020 Shepard was a valuable source of offense and consistently produced 600 yards as a secondary option. Since that time Shepard has struggled to stay on the field and fell out of favor in New York. The injury concerns are clear but what would Atlanta have to lose in giving him a chance at a depth role?

5. Mecole Hardman

Yes, you would like to see better regular-season production and more consistency in his career. However, you have a player who just caught the game-winner in the Super Bowl and offers the team even more speed. Hardman gives you depth as a returner and at the receiver position. He doesn't have the high ceiling of some of the potential fits but brings more stability.

6. DJ Chark

Chark was in what was arguably the worst offense in the league and still managed over 500-yards on the season. While this doesn't match up to his targets there is a reason to believe he can thrive in a depth role with the right offense. It would be another cheap option at finding Kirk Cousins a receiver that could step in if Mooney or London were to deal with injuries this season.