9 Receivers that could still help the Atlanta Falcons and Kirk Cousins

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7. Michael Thomas

This may not be a popular suggestion among Atlanta Falcons fans, however, bear with the reasoning if you will. Thomas proved to be elite at running the same route and Drew Brees force-fed the reliable receiver. Since Brees has left Thomas and the Saints clearly haven't been on the same page. Michael's injuries and the team's management of them caught some headlines over the last year.

Give the former Saint a chance to come in and haunt his old team. It is the exact type of move New Orleans would make in this situation. Perhaps nothing comes of it or maybe Thomas turns back the clock and has a productive year and haunts the Saints.

8. Michael Gallup

Gallup isn't a contributor if the last version we saw of the player is what continues to be. The injury took away something from his game he has been unable to regain. A large part of that could be the pressure that Dallas brings on everyone on that roster. Give Gallup a chance to come into Atlanta and rebuild value behind London and Mooney. Perhaps with less pressure and another full offseason, he will return to form.

9. Hunter Renfrow

There is an argument of the remaining free agents none fit Kirk Cousins and Zac Robinson as well as Renfrow. However, there is a clear concern about why the Raiders moved on despite his past impact.