9 Remaining free agent fits for the Atlanta Falcons

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The Atlanta Falcons' off-season is near its end with limited cap space and a filled-out roster. However, the team does have enough space to add at least one or two impact veterans and could make another move with a myriad of free-agent options still on the market.

Looking at Atlanta's roster the clearest moves left for Atlanta are continuing to add to the edge position or looking to bring in more talent at receiver. With Jared Bernhardt retiring Atlanta's receiver depth chart continues to look thin and clearly could use a veteran upgrade.

Even if it is a player well past their prime it would be an upgrade for a team that currently has Mack Hollins and Scotty Miller as their second and third options. As interesting as both players are neither are proven starters and it is fair to expect Atlanta to bring in at least one veteran contributor.

Looking at the rest of Atlanta's roster there are very few holes with perhaps swing tackle being the only other obvious question mark. This speaks to the great job that Terry Fontenot and company have done rebuilding what was a bad roster two seasons ago. Leaving limited but interesting potential free agent fits left.