9 Remaining free agent fits for the Atlanta Falcons

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5. Julio Jones

While Jones might not be close to the player he once was when healthy the veteran is still an impact player. What better way to help Atlanta's young receivers than bringing in a veteran like Julio Jones. The way that Jones represented Atlanta during his time with the Falcons cannot be praised enough for a player that clearly is very close to the end of his career.

Bringing Jones back both fills a clear roster need and gives Atlanta the chance to end things with Julio the way the franchise legend deserves.

6. Akiem Hicks

Atlanta's defensive line rotation is already stacked, however, Hicks clearly would be an asset. Hicks is still capable of playing at a high level though clearly needs more rest at this point in the veteran's career. Continuing to add to an already-stacked defensive line would be mildly surprising but Hicks is clearly a great fit and would give Grady Jarrett even more help on the inside.

7. Carl Nassib

Another former Tampa Bay Buc coming off of a poor season that would bolster Atlanta's depth as a rotational piece. Nassib clearly isn't a starting edge rusher but would provide great depth and the potential for surprise production.