A sneak peak at Atlanta Falcons opponents for 2024 season

The 2023 Super Bowl favorites highlight a far tougher Atlanta Falcons 2024 schedule
Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp
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While all of the Atlanta Falcons news and focus is understandably on training camp and the season ahead it is never to early to glance ahead at next year's scheduled opponents. Though there are three yet to be determined we do know the division for each of the three we are simply waiting on the 2023 standings to determine the final schedule.

NFC West, AFC North, and NFC North

These three games are yet to be determined with Atlanta obviously waiting on the 2023 season to play out and set what is looking to be a potentially very difficult 2024 schedule.

Tampa Bay Bucs, Carolina Panthers, and New Orleans Saints

These six games are obviously always set in stone for the Falcons. While New Orleans is unlikely to be a threat for the next few seasons as they continue to put off a clearly needed rebuild the other two teams in the division could be much improved by next season. If Bryce Young is the franchise quarterback he is hoped to be the Panthers are the biggest threat to the Falcons next season.

Tampa is interesting as well in the fact that they have great pieces to build around and if they are bad enough this season could land one of the prized quarterback prospects next off-season. Whether it is Maye or Williams either with this roster and talent at receiver could quickly end a rebuild and become a threat to the division yet again.