A sneak peak at Atlanta Falcons opponents for 2024 season

The 2023 Super Bowl favorites highlight a far tougher Atlanta Falcons 2024 schedule
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Los Angeles Chargers

Both of these two teams over the last few seasons seem to invent ways to lose games. Whether it was a clutch interception that ended up being fumbled back to the offense or the Charger epic playoff collapse there are plenty of examples for both teams.

Justin Herbert and this offense is by far one of the most entertaining units in the league and will be visiting Atlanta in the 2024 season offering fans a look at one of the league's best young quarterbacks.

New York Giants

The New York Giants were the underdog team of 2022 that the Falcons hope to become this season. Daniel Jones is finally playing to the level the quarterback is capable of consistently and this team is clearly an interesting player in the NFC moving forward.

Dallas Cowboys

What the Falcons are in the regular season for the last five seasons the Cowboys have been in the playoffs. Always with a high level of optimism only to find a way to let the fans down in the biggest moments.

The last time that Dallas and Atlanta have met has been quite forgettable from an Atlanta fan's perspective perhaps this is the season the Falcons get a bit of revenge.