All-time greatest names starting lineup for the Atlanta Falcons

Here is an all-time lineup for the Atlanta Falcons comprised of the best names in their history.
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Atlanta Falcons' all-name lineup: Offensive line

LT: Lincoln Kennedy (1993-1995)

LG: Houston Hoover (1988-1992)

C: Phil Sobocinski (1968)

RG: Phillipkeith Alexander Manley (2012)

RT: Irv Eatman (1994)

I only included Lincoln Kennedy in here just to say: Please, please, please never become president.

Speaking of presidents, this H. Hoover has the first name of Houston. Personally, I prefer Houston over Herbert. It is just a roll-off-the-tongue, regal name.

Phil Sobocinski might have the scariest name on here. Add 'ski' to the end of any name and you will scare half of the population. It just makes you sound like you are six-foot-eight and 300 pounds with massive muscles.

I had to include Phillipkeith Manley's middle name in there to ask: How many first names can you have in a name?

And there are only two places Irv Eatman could have played; offensive line or defensive line.