All-time greatest names starting lineup for the Atlanta Falcons

Here is an all-time lineup for the Atlanta Falcons comprised of the best names in their history.
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Atlanta Falcons' all-name lineup: Defensive line

DE: Constantin Ritzman (2005)

DT: Jumpy Geathers (1993-1995)

DT: Cleveland Pinkney (2004)

DE: Junior Glymph (2004-2005)

Constantin Ritzman is one heck of a name. I have no other words, to be honest. Just wish he could have been a dominant player for the Atlanta Falcons so that I could have had a jersey with "Ritzman" on the back.

I feel honored to share a birthday with Jumpy Geathers. Jumpy was six-foot-seven, 290 pounds, so I don't think he had hops—not like he needed them.

Cleveland Pinkney was somehow not born in Cleveland, he was born in Sumter, South Carolina, therefore, his name should be 'Sumter Pinkney.' He also never played for the Browns, which is mildly disappointing.

As for Junior Glymph, he better have a son also named 'Junior' so then his name would be 'Junior Glymph Jr.'

I don't know what type of "glitch in matrix" stuff this is but Geathers, Pinkney, and Glymph were born in South Carolina while Ritzman was born in Berlin