All-time greatest names starting lineup for the Atlanta Falcons

Here is an all-time lineup for the Atlanta Falcons comprised of the best names in their history.

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Atlanta Falcons' all-name lineup: Linebackers

LB: Prince Shembo (2014)

LB: Ruffin Hamilton (1997-1999)

LB: Garth TenNapel (1978)

Funny story about Prince Shembo, I remember sitting there one day watching Prince Shembo and thinking "wow, this kid is going to be a good player." Well, literally the next day he got in trouble for animal cruelty and was released. The coincidence is funny, the situation is certainly not, and his name is interesting.

There are certainly some creative people out there when it comes to names because 'Ruffin' would certainly never cross my name.

While you may have heard of Garth Brooks, I bet you haven't heard of Garth TenNapel. Garth was Garth before Garth was Garth.