All-time greatest names starting lineup for the Atlanta Falcons

Here is an all-time lineup for the Atlanta Falcons comprised of the best names in their history.

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Atlanta Falcons' all-name lineup: Secondary

CB: Domonique Foxworth (2008)

CB: Darqueze Dennard (2020)

S: Shiddeeq Shabazz (2003-2004)

S: Joe Fishback (1991-1993)

Domonique Foxworth and Darqueze Dennard might be familiar to some of the Atlanta Falcons fans out there. Certainly, most will recognize Dennard's name which also brings me back to the opening paragraph of this article; I never thought twice about Darqueze Dennard's name, even before he was with the Falcons. After seeing his name it really hit me how unique his name is.

Shiddeeq Shabazz also passes for being a unique name. It seems like safety is the perfect position for a guy with the last name of 'Shabazz' with its nice blend of sounding fast and hard-hitting.

We have a Fox at cornerback and a Fish at safety. Surprisingly enough, Joe Fishback isn't the most strange 'fish' name in recent memory—that would go to Fish Smithson, even if Fish was just a nickname.