All-time greatest names starting lineup for the Atlanta Falcons

Here is an all-time lineup for the Atlanta Falcons comprised of the best names in their history.

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Atlanta Falcons' all-name lineup: Specialists

K: Ali Haji-Sheikh (1986)

P: Dave Smigelsky (1982)

Ali Haji-Sheikh is the pick for the kicker position on the all-name lineup for the Atlanta Falcons. There have been a few interesting names at kicker through the years but this one is the pick because of how luxurious it sounds.

I am going to be honest, Dave Smigelsky cannot pass as being a luxurious person. With that being said, it is a fun name that not many people are going to forget. It also would have been cool for him to be a doctor. Like who wouldn't want to go to Dr. Smigelsky? Smigelsky might just be my favorite name on here.