Another former Atlanta Falcon follows Arthur Smith to Pittsburgh

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

MyCole Pruitt became the third Atlanta Falcon to follow Arthur Smith to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Pruitt signed with the Steelers joining former Falcons Cordarrelle Patterson and Van Jefferson. It is somewhat surprising to see three offensive players follow Smith considering their limited roles for Atlanta.

MyCole Pruitt had 260 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns in his two seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. He showed chemistry with Desmond Ridder in his first season in Atlanta and was brought back as a second option at the position.

Bringing back Pruitt was never an option for the Falcons considering this. Desmond Ridder is in Arizona and the Falcons have depth pieces already at the position. Pittsburgh has depth as well but Arthur Smith's offense can never have too many tight ends.

Mike Tomlin opting to fix his broken offense by adding a head coach fired because of his offense remains an odd move. Yes, Arthur Smith's offense with the Titans was surprisingly great. However, he had the perfect pieces to fit his style, and a head coach bought in.

Considering just how frustrated Pittsburgh fans have been with this offense this doesn't bode well for Smith in year one. They have spent the offseason adding a lot of forgotten pieces teams are ready to move on from. This includes at the quarterback position with Russell Wilson and Justin Fields now their starting options.

It wouldn't be surprising to continue to see Arthur Smith add former Falcons and Titans. Something that added to his downfall in Atlanta was targeting former players including starting quarterback Marcus Mariota. This trend has continued in Pittsburgh.

It is in some ways surprising that players continue to sign with Smith's offense after spending time in his system. Patterson and Jefferson in particular are surprising decisions for players that took huge steps back after joining his offense. Atlanta will have their chance at revenge over Arthur Smith in the 2024 season with a scheduled home game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.