Antonio Brown expresses extreme bitterness with former Falcons star

Antonio Brown continues to try to stay relevant after troubling end to NFL career.
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Antonio Brown has often been in the news since he left the Pittsburgh Steelers. He has constantly been causing chaos and has continued that after walking off the field and quitting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He is angry with the Steelers and a former Atlanta Falcons star over a jersey number. Brown thinks his number 84 should essentially be retired.

Antonio Brown is bitter over Cordarrelle Patterson wearing 84 with the Steelers

Antonio Brown clearly sustained some brutal head injuries during his NFL career. It continues to be evident as he keeps talking and tweeting. He is just not acting like the average person, that is for sure.

His former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, picked up a Falcons fan-favorite free agent to pair back up with Arthur Smith in Cordarrelle Patterson. And, of course, CP wants to continue his tradition of wearing number 84. Antonio has taken exception over that.

"They ain’t really got the respect for me that I think, or the respect that you think you earned. That could be trauma in itself to know just like, da*n. I gave my life to the Steelers and these guys don’t even give a sh*t about my body of work. They will just give a random guy who scored kick returns, who never even got 1,000 yards as a receiver ever in his career a guy that was number one in history."

Antonio Brown

If the last act of Brown's career in Pittsburgh hadn't happened, then he might have a point. However, he soured himself on everyone in that organization. He said and did things he shouldn't have and ultimately requested a trade.

Patterson deserves to wear 84. Quite honestly, Patterson might have a better shot at making the Pro Football Hall of Fame when things are all said and done (depending on how his antics affect his candidacy). He is the greatest kick returner in NFL history and is a good offensive weapon. Even though Brown excelled at a more valued position than CP, he can't claim to be the undisputed greatest player ever at his position.

It further illustrates how Brown is living in a world of his own. it is sad to see and hopefully, he can find help eventually. He continues attacking other people and players in a way he shouldn't.

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