Are the Atlanta Falcons going to sign legendary QB Matt Ryan?

Signing Matt Ryan in an effort to get this offense back on track would make a lot of sense, but would the Atlanta Falcons do it?
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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The Atlanta Falcons have watched their offense drive 100 MPH straight into The Great Wall of China. Things have gone downhill fast after a thrilling comeback in week two.

The offense hasn't been able to get their passing game going and much of it has to do with a young quarterback who is still finding his path in the NFL. Things need to change ASAP though and one of the ways to change things would be to bring in a veteran quarterback like Matt Ryan. But the question remains, would Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith sign the current CBS announcer?

Would the Atlanta Falcons sign their former QB Matt Ryan?

Desmond Ridder is clearly still learning how to play in the NFL but the fact of the matter is that the Atlanta Falcons have no time to play around. They aren't at a stage where they can ride the wave of a growing quarterback. They play in a winnable division and they must break their playoff drought this year.

One way to kickstart a sputtering offense is by bringing in a veteran passer like Matt Ryan, who also happens to know the Arthur Smith system. We already talked about why the Falcons need to sign him but the real question is whether they would sign him.

To be quite frank, the answer is no. The answer is either no from the Falcons or Matt Ryan.

We have seen that Arthur Smith is willing to stick with his quarterback longer than he should (looking at a certain backup QB in a city known as the 'City of Brotherly Love.'). Smith also spent all offseason telling the media about his confidence in his third-round quarterback. Moving him to the bench after four weeks isn't something he would do.


So the combination of Arthur Smith's patience and Matt Ryan being content as an announcer would make it highly unlikely that Ryan would suit up in red and black again. There may still be a chance, but it is certainly a long shot, to say the least.

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