Arthur Smith has been leading the Atlanta Falcons backwards

Arthur Smith has been leading the Atlanta Falcons on a wild trajectory that should lead him into unemployment
Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
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Arthur Smith is not impressing anyone. The Atlanta Falcons looked to be turning a corner into 2023 and started the season 2-0, but since then they have been on a wild ride thanks to a coach who has not proven anything.

It took Smith until week one of his third season to have a winning record. He was supposed to be a coach who would lead elite offenses, especially in the red zone, but it has been the exact opposite. Things are not looking good for the head coach of the Dirty Birds.

Arthur Smith has sent the Atlanta Falcons spiraling

The NFL is a performance-based business. If you don't produce then you don't stay. This isn't College Football, this is the professionals where teams are supposed to be on a level playing field. Arthur Smith has not proven anything as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

The only thing he has proven is that he can get the team to hover around .500 only to fade as the season progresses.

Smith was supposed to lead a dynamic run-and-shoot offense that would convert red zone trips into touchdowns. On Sunday, he only got the offense one touchdown inside the red zone and kicked many field goals.

Little things like handing the ball off to Jonnu Smith on the one-yard line and forcing Kyle Pitts to make a key block on Danielle Hunter. That is completely backward, if you are going to run that play then why not hand the ball to Pitts and have Smith block? Sometimes you cannot help but seriously question the logic behind Arthur Smith's playcalling.

He also spends way too much time trying to get the ball to Tyler Allgeier on the outside rather than just getting him downhill. It doesn't take a genius to realize many of the flaws in this system.

This team has zero continuity and Arthur Smith should take the fall for it. There are too many 'two steps forward, three steps back' moments. It is hard to defend the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons anymore.

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