Assessing the Atlanta Falcons Options for their Head Coaching Vacancy

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Dan Quinn – Dan Quinn has provided a consistent presence for the Dallas Cowboys as their defensive coordinator the last few years, and if he hadn’t previously coached the Falcons, he may be a consideration for the “Could Happen” section. This may be the year he finally jumps back into the head coaching ranks though, and whoever hires him would definitely be getting a strong leader.

Antonio Pierce – After becoming interim head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, Antonio Pierce has seemingly rid the stink of the entire Josh McDaniels era. Pierce led the team to five wins and is considered an up-and-coming coach within the league. It seems unlikely he will leave Vegas if they want to keep him around though, and based on everything we’ve seen so far, it would be a mistake if they let him go.

Raheem Morris – Raheem Morris is similar to Dan Quinn in that he has a previous history with Atlanta, just on a much smaller scale. He served a variety of roles with the team over numerous years and was even the team’s interim head coach after Quinn’s firing in 2020. His past ties to the team may slightly increase his chances of an interview but it seems unlikely he’d actually get hired to the role right now.