Atlanta Falcons: 10 bold predictions for the 2023 season

Ten bold predictions for what will be an exciting Atlanta Falcons team in 2023
Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons
Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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5. Falcons end season with a top-ten scoring offense and defense

Typically, you think of explosive passing attacks as those who score the most points but the Atlanta Falcons were just outside the top ten last year with a pretty horrendous passing attack.

Desmond Ridder should be able to get more out of the passing attack and the ground game will be as good as ever. Arthur Smith has also been known for his ability to get the ball into the endzone, which is the biggest factor in being a top offense.

As for the defense, they seem like they will thrive on keeping teams out of the endzone. They are so much more talented at all three levels. It honestly isn't out of the realm of possibilities that they do end up in the top ten when it comes to allowing the fewest points per game.

Not to mention, the offense will be able to control the game which will limit how much the defense will be on the ball. Efficiency will determine if this prediction comes true or not.