Atlanta Falcons: 10 Most important players of past 10 seasons

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8. Roddy White, WR, 2005-2015

While 2013 was one of the last seasons that Roddy White played, he was still an extremely important player for the Atlanta Falcons.

First, there was his production, through those three seasons, he played in 43 games, caught 186 passes for 2,138 yards, and 11 touchdowns. He still had a season or two left in him but Kyle Shanahan ran him out of town and into retirement. Those two guys did not see eye-to-eye and unfortunately (or fortunately) the Falcons valued the scheme over the aging player.

While he made an impact on Sundays during those three seasons, he likely made a bigger impact on the other days. Julio Jones has given all the credit in the world to Roddy White for helping him transition into the NFL. That alone should earn him a spot on this list.