Atlanta Falcons: 10 Most important players of past 10 seasons

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5. Alex Mack, C, 2016-2020

You have to be one incredible offensive center to make a list like this and that is exactly what Alex Mack was for the Atlanta Falcons. I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Falcons wouldn't have come close to the Super Bowl if they hadn't signed Alex Mack in free agency.

Honestly, the idea of this article came from reminiscing on Mack's time in Atlanta. He is one of the greatest centers in NFL history.

If you didn't have the suspenseful opportunity to watch the Falcons try to snap the ball in 2015 (thanks Mike Person and Gino Gradkowski!), just know that Mack was sent from the heavens. He was much-needed stability at an underrated position.

Alex Mack was also one tough dude. He didn't miss a game with the Falcons until his final season with the team in 2020 and even then it was only two games. He also somehow fought through a fractured fibula while playing in the Super Bowl.