Atlanta Falcons: 10 Most important players of past 10 seasons

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3. Jake Matthews, LT, 2014-Present

And here is the other remaining member of the 2016 Atlanta Falcons, Jake Matthews.

Saying that there isn't much to say about an offensive lineman might be the biggest compliment you could ever give an offensive lineman. What can you really say about Jake Matthews? He has just been a no-nonsense, consistently consistent, blindside blocker for the Atlanta Falcons.

He has started 144 consecutive games since he returned from injury in his rookie season, which is the longest active streak in the NFL.

I mean, last year he literally saw his son poke his head out for the first time, said "peace", jumped on Arthur Smith's private jet, landed in Carolina, and ran out onto the field in the nick of time to keep his starting streak alive. The man is a legend.

Not having to worry about the left tackle position for the past nine seasons (and counting) has been amazing.