Atlanta Falcons 2023 Mock Draft: Top prospect falls to the Falcons

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Atlanta Falcons 2023 mock draft

The much-anticipated NFL Draft is approaching quickly and that means the Atlanta Falcons are getting closer and closer to being 'on the clock.'

Currently, their top selection is the eighth-overall pick. In total, they have eight picks spanning from the first to the seventh round. They used to have nine picks but they traded a seventh-round pick to the New England Patriots for tight end Jonnu Smith. The only round they don't hold a pick in is the sixth round because it was part of the package that sent Julio Jones to Tennessee a couple of years ago.

They hold picks 8, 44, 75, 110, 113, 224, and 225. That is a first-rounder, a second-rounder, a third-rounder, two fourth-rounders, a fifth-rounder, and two seventh-rounders.

Anyways, we got the logistics out of the way, now we can get to the fun part; seeing who the Falcons could select with each of their draft picks. In this mock, they evenly split their eight picks with four offensive players and four defensive players.

Draft profiles for the Atlanta Falcons: