Atlanta Falcons 2023 Mock Draft: Top prospect falls to the Falcons

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Atlanta Falcons selection (R3, P75): Noah Sewell, LB, Oregon

Noah Sewell is the brother of the Lions' first-round pick in 2021—Penei Sewell. Noah is a thumping linebacker who has a lot of experience under his belt. The Atlanta Falcons have a need for another linebacker, so the addition of Sewell makes sense.

Noah isn't the greatest coverage backer, but he can take on blocks and make stout plays, allowing someone like Troy Anderson to fly around the field with his speed.

While many teams shy away from a linebacker like Sewell, there is still a place for him. Just think about Ryan Nielsen and how he had Demario Davis in New Orleans. Davis doesn't have great speed but he doesn't waste steps and has the ability to take on offensive linemen.

Look for Nielsen to find a player that can be a Demario Davis for Atlanta; Noah Sewell could be a prime candidate.