Atlanta Falcons 2023 position review and grades: Tight end

The Atlanta Falcons passing game was built around their tight ends who proved to be a bright spot in 2023.

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Under Arthur Smith, the Atlanta Falcons prioritized having a strong tight end unit. They went into the 2023 season with just that and it proved to be a big help for their passing game.

Without their top two tight ends, the offense would have had zero production throwing the ball considering how bad their wide receiving unit was outside of Drake London. The team was fortunate that their tight end position produced.

Reviewing and grading the tight end position for the 2023 Atlanta Falcons

Kyle Pitts and Jonnu Smith had to carry a big burden if the Atlanta Falcons' passing attack was going to have any type of success and, for the most part, they did step up. This position proved they were the strength of the air attack.

Kyle Pitts:

  • 53 catches
  • 667 yards
  • 3 TDs

Did Kyle Pitts have the All-Pro season that he wanted? No, but he also had to overcome a lot. Although I figured this to be the case throughout the season, we found out that Pitts had not fully recovered from his 2022 knee injury.

We saw him step up later in the season with downfield production. We also know that he wasn't used properly these past two years by head coach and offensive playcaller Arthur Smith.

All in all, Pitts still almost had 700 yards during a recovery season, not bad.

Jonnu Smith:

  • 50 catches
  • 582 yards
  • 3 TDs

Jonnu Smith had an impressive season after a couple of rough ones in New England. He was one of the team's best playmakers with the ball in his hands thanks to a rare blend of speed and strength.

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His ability to gain extra yards proved to be a critical component to this offense.

MyCole Pruitt:

  • 9 receptions
  • 110 yards
  • 1 TD

While his stats won't blow you away, MyCole Pruitt was a quality piece for the Falcons. He was mostly used as a blocker but showed he could leak out and catch a pass here and there.

John FitzPatrick:

  • 1 reception
  • 12 yards
  • 0 TD

Tucker Fisk:

  • 1 reception
  • 9 yards
  • 0 TD



Without their top two tight ends, the Atlanta Falcons would not have had any resemblance of a passing attack. Kyle Pitts, even through injury, and Jonnu Smith were key pieces that helped carry the offense. You cannot blame this position for any of the team's offensive struggles.

Grade: B+

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