Atlanta Falcons 2023 position review and grades: Wide receiver

Wide receiver appeared to be a weakness of the Atlanta Falcons' going into 2023 and that proved to be the case.

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The Atlanta Falcons decided to go into the 2023 season with a wide receiving core that consisted of Drake London and a bunch of patchwork.

They tried getting through with some low-cost free-agent signings behind London and it proved to be one of the decisions that led to their downfall. The Falcons did not get the production they needed from their receivers, to say the least.

Reviewing and grading the wide receiver position for the 2023 Atlanta Falcons

Drake London went into his second season with a giant backpack on his back. He had to carry what was an embarrassingly weak unit for the Atlanta Falcons. When you consider everything, he did a pretty nice job but the load was just too much for one player.

Drake London:

  • 69 receptions
  • 905 yards
  • 2 TDs

We already summed up Drake London's season—he did the best he could in a situation that was completely unfair to him.

Despite having no help inside the room, poor quarterback play, and a lack of opportunities, London still almost put up his first 1,000-yard season. It would have been great to see him reach the mark but he didn't get the chance.

The big shocker was his lack of touchdowns. For being such a big receiver, he was hardly used in the endzone.

Mack Hollins:

  • 18 receptions
  • 251 yards
  • 0 TD

It is hard to believe that an NFL team's second-leading wide receiver had 18 catches on the season. Really think about that, he averaged one catch per week in the NFL regular season.

Early on, it looked like Hollins would be a solid player for the offense but he quickly landed on the bench. He had just one catch for four yards in the team's final eight games (granted he missed time with an injury).

KhaDarel Hodge:

  • 14 receptions
  • 232 yards
  • 0 TD

For what he was expected to do, KhaDarel Hodge was a quality player. Nevertheless, his stats were abysmal for being a team's third wide receiver.